The ticker tape, or: (obliquely) news

009 – “The Atlantic Cable”
by Being & the Humble Bee

wist-022-cover_imagePre-order will be available on November 1st for the next instalment in our jackdaw series .
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008 – Wist Rec 022

This autumn, Wist Rec is pleased to bring you a long waited release from Being & the Humble Bee (Russell Burden & Craig Tattersall).

“The Atlantic Cable” is a 3 disc jackdaw release detailing the first pulsing signals from Valentia Island, Ireland to Trinity Bay, Newfoundland in 1858. Including actual depth sounding maps and morse to note translation each artist interprets the electrical direction on separate 3″ discs while a third cd of muddled, brackish interpretations is handled by Andrew Hargreaves (Tape Loop Orchestra).

007 – Wist Rec Mix – Exiting Music

We were so very pleased to be asked by the radio program Its Just Music Baby and the likeminded label Shimmering Moods to come up with a mix of music which influenced us. There are traces of the themes and sound fidelity in here which can be found throughout our records. Oddly, there appears to be a niggling hint of thematic closure in there for some reason but no serious need to worry. Music from Rhue, Clara Rockmore, Slowdive, Grouper, Hood and others.

Bonus obscurity note: The image is likely the oldest surviving photograph by Nicéphore Niépce, taken in the late 1820s.

006 – Depatterning returns, or stumbles home?

After a belated journey north, Depatterning returns to find the ancestral home quiet. “The Dimmed Homestead” is a 2 disc release (5″ & 3″CDr) featuring geneological trails of electricity, farm liminality and Ukrainian heritage in an isolated region of central canada (lowercase).

Initial copies include a microfiche of Massey Ferguson/John Deere part cataloges for reference. Things repeat into a second cycle (50-60 Hz).

005 – Week Long Jackdaw Promotion ENDED

Purchase all four jackdaw style editions for a discounted price. Includes the long out-of-print “Folkestone Lighthouse” by Being and featuring Craig Tattersall, Danny Norbury and Jez riley French. Sale ends midnight May 6th. More details on the various jackdaws here.

004 – “The Dimmed Homestead” Fragments

Researching the lost culture of Canadian pioneering, some fragments from our next release by Depatterning.  Includes vital tractor schematics.

Available in June 1916.

003 – The Crossley Heritage Preorder

A4 factory

Wist Rec 020: The Crossley Heritage by the Sly & Unseen is now available for pre-order here.

002 – Wist Rec 020

This February, we release the Sly & Unseen’s “The Crossley Heritage”, a contrasting examination of Victorian industrialism and a separated nature. Available in a limited jackdaw edition. Details to follow.

001 – 1916 Oncoming

Is time slipping more than we here at the label pretend? Regardless, we would like to thank all of those who helped to maintain the co-op this year.
For the months ahead a scurrying of projects:
• A handsome jackdaw from the Sly & Unseen

• The worrying return of rural rhetoric from Depatterning after an unhealthy absence

• Our label’s first vinyl release by
the Tape Loop Orchestra

• A secret gift to our original homesteaders.

• Useful object for the recording the seasons with April LarsonLost Trail and others

• Other projects long delayed should come to light.

The Laborer – “Tide Changing” (feat. Elsa Hasselgarde) from Julien Lambrechts on Vimeo.

depatterning – branchel from broken machine films on Vimeo.