Wist Ed. 002

cover 002

The Blue Funz

Songs for Ed Ricketts

A biographical zine based on the marine biologist and romantic. 1930’s musings of the sea life in wistful plaintive hums.

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Edition series. 100 (5″ black surface cdr
& 24 page booklet)
Length. 49.13
Design & Watercolours. Manfred Naescher


The second iteration of Wist Ed. by The Blue Funz pays tribute to the steadfast lover of music, philosophy and ocean ecology  (1897-1948), whose ecological work on water biota predates the modern notion of holism.

01 Rock Pool Reflections
02 Sea of Cortez
03 Spore Trails
04 Shingle Bum
05 Golden Yeti
06 The Moons of Mulagi
07 Between the Tides
08 The Lost Journey to Haida Gwaii
09 Biesen Tales
10 In the Company of Ed Ricketts
11 The Swarm
12 The Waves

Sleeve stock used:
Glassing 160g: Made from pure cellulose,  pH neutral, chlorine-free, acid-free and anti-static and is free from plasticizers as well. Completely biodegradable.