Wist Rec is an independent label dealing in short form, handmade music. As the monetary predominance  of music is lessened, the importance of DIY music has grown more essential in framing new ways of listening. Thematically, we chart ecology, topography, environmentalism, rural abandonment and education.

The label is run by one Canadian in Ireland and one Liechtensteinian in Germany plus occasional help from spouses and visitors.

For a more complete story or to be notified of future releases via telegram please contact us at:

wistrec (at) gmail dot com

To sign up for our infrequent telegrams please click here.

DEMOS: While we love hearing what people are working on, all of our releases are collaborative projects that we’ve thematically commissioned. Submissions may be listened to but it is unlikely that we will have time to contact you back for feedback due to lack of time. Demos received by folk who blatantly are unfamiliar with the Wist Rec label maybe subject to light ridicule.


Label Staff

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  1. Hi @ Wistrec,
    I like to leave a message here, because your handmade releases are really awesome.. so lovely and unique! It is such a loveable work! Cool to find you! Greets hanne alias adamned.age

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