Wist Rec. 025

014_CoverSUB LOAM The Unfolding Map

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3 x 3″ CDr
Edition of 85
Design by Phantom & Son Intl.

We’re off on another orienteering journey of elevations, contours and terrain with Sub Loam. This three disc set is housed in recycled kraft boxes and contains individually cut raised relief maps of these islands for outdoor pursuits you might have one day.

Disc one : Elevation, A Map Unfolding And Simultaneous Apprehension Of A Pineapple Mayweed – An Experiential Topography Of Concrete Sensations
Disc two : Grid And Contour – A Linear Abstraction
Disc three : Terrain Condensed, Congealed Mud, Soil

Stamped and printed on corona 160g (100% post consumer
waste, de-inked) & Atlas 160G (50% Post consumer waste)

Photography by Pierre- Emmanuel Tendero