Wist Rec. 018

mapcover twoThe Laborer
The Changing Tide

2 x 3″ CDR / Edition of 90 (Ships May 8)
Sleeve design by Phantom and Son Intl.

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Measuring hints of the sea change, both physically and though metaphor, via pastoral piano, rumbling field recordings and clipped electronics with The Laborer.


the-laborer picture“The Changing Tide” is a two disc set, housed in a matchbox style kraft box and containing unique flood overlays of ariel photograph from the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Additional musical contributions by Elsa Hasselgarde (violin & vocal)

Lino print cover by Gregor Horne

Photograph of the Laborer by
Lesley-Jo Thompson

Stamped and printed on Corona 160g (100% post consumer waste, de-inked) & Translucent Pergamin paper, 170g, biodegradable (virgin paper but 100% chlorine free)




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