Wist Rec. 027

The 1902 Syntropic Seasonal
Various Artists

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5 x 3″ CDR / Edition of 90
Sleeve design by Phantom & Son Ltd.


A 5-disc release housed in a perpetual calendar format w/ photographs by
Pierre- Emmanuel Tendero.


a) Elsa HasselgärdeImbolc: In the Belly
b) Christina CarterLá Bealtaine: Flood
c) PorzellanLughnasadh (1. Àenach Tailten 2. Hlaef-Masst)
d) Michael Duane FerrellSamhuinn: Feast of the Dying Sun
e) Delphine DoraSamhain: Into the Twilight

Length of each disc in the range of 20 min.

An altered view of the seasonal precipices through the use of the perpetual calendar.