Wist Rec. 017

imageTalk West
The Sun Inside

Sleeve design by Phantom & Son Ltd.
2 x 3″ CDR
Edition of 90
No longer available


As 1915 dawns, Wist Rec are please to announce a new release by Tulsa’s Talk West (Dylan Aycock). “The Sun Inside” is a flickering collection of vignettes, reflecting luminosity and dusk though pedal steel & electronics.


Each copy of this two disc booklet comes with four unique cyanography photos, exposed in sunlight levels of varying intensity over a 9 month period (2 minutes to 6 hours of exposure per image) with images from the U.S. Library of Congress.

Disc one : dawn / +
Disc two : dusk / –

Stamped and printed on amblin 200g (8% post consumer waste, de-inked), black embossed canvas 280G & Translucent pergamin paper, 170g, biodegradable (Virgin paper but 100% chlorine free).

Composed by Dylan Aycock