Wist Rec 015

Lost Trail
The Afternoon Vision

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 Sleeve design by Phantom & Son, Intl.
Photography by Denny & Zachary Corsa

2x 3″ CDR 

Edition of 130 



Presented in a jackdaw style format, this release charts a youthful vision of spectrums, doors, birds and soil content. Each copy of this hand stamped release will come with two soil survey maps from the USDA, a Soviet-era computer punch card and 16 cards of soil composition triangles and associated prophecy data.

Paper stock used (quantities differ per jackdaw):

Cyclus Silk 300g: Soft white board. At least 50% recycled, FSC certified
Cyclus 160g: At least 50% recycled, FSC certified
Martello 250g: At least 50% recycled, FSC certified


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