Wist Rec 022


Being & the Humble Bee
The Atlantic Cable


Ships Nov 28

Sleeve design by Phantom & Son, Intl.

3 x 3″ CDR 

Edition of 110

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“The Atlantic Cable” by Being & the Humble Bee (Russell Burden & Craig Tattersall). Another elegant addition to our jackdaw-style series, this 3 disc set once again returns us to the open water with an examination on the first signals sent on the transatlantic cable system from Valentia, Ireland to Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Each artist interprets the directional signal on a different disc with an addition a bonus disc of deep sounding salination mixes by Andrew Hargreaves (Boats, Tape Loop Orchestra).

Disc 1: Being / West to East
Disc 2: The Humble Bee / East to West
Disc 3: Andrew Hargreaves / (eastwestwesteast)
Each copy of this hand stamped release cable slide images, directional Atlantic maps, and original telegraph text with morse ticker tape.

Paper stock used (quantities differ per jackdaw):
Cyclus 160g: At least 50% recycled, FSC certified
Martello 250g: At least 50% recycled, FSC certified

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