Wist Rec 029



Phil Tomsett & the Inventors of Aircraft
The Last Things

Ships Oct 19

Sleeve design by Phantom & Son, Intl.

(2x) 5″ & (1x) 3″ CDR

Edition of 120

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Another elegant addition to our jackdaw-style series, this 3 disc set is partly inspired by the novella “In the Country of Last Things” by Paul Auster. Journeying from a chaotic and poisoned metropolis to the foreboding loneliness of the countryside, “The Last Things” presents a personal struggle through hum, thunder and dread. The collection plays out as if the book itself has been buried deep in the ground and unearthed many years later, the soil having transformed the words into fragments of sound.

Disc 1: The Last Things (Anthology) / Phil Tomsett
Disc 2: The Last Things (Memorium) / The Inventors of Aircraft
Disc 3: The Last Things (Lilliputian) / Et Al.

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

Each copy of this hand stamped release contains warning maps, remembrance images from the Smithsonian and quotes from Virginia Woolfe, former resident of Rodmell.

Paper stock used (quantities differ per jackdaw):
Recycled Uncoated 160g & 200g: 100% recycled, FSC certified