Wistbook 010

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The Frozen Vaults :
“The Machine Stops”

Sound report on E.M. Forster’s
novella of the same name.

Registry no. Wistbook 010
Edition series. 100
Format. 3″cd & novella

No longer available.

Piano by Yuki Murata
Violin by Tomasz Mreńca

Cello by Dave Dhonau
Drone, Acoustic by Harry Towell
Arrangement, Drone, Noise by
Bartosz Dziadosz

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The Frozen Vaults are a far-flung five piece collective consisting of musicians Yuki Murata (piano), Tomasz Mreńca (violin) and Dave Dhonau (cello), produced and arranged by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) and Harry Towell (Spheruleus). Their work to date has seen compilation appearances for Time Released Sound, Hibernate, Audio Gourmet and Headphone commute as well as a remix for
Christoph Berg’s Field Rotation project.
The quintet’s sound is rooted in deeply dramatic composition as the strings and piano intertwine around restrained electronics and further manipulated acoustic instruments. Their work is presented as a series of ancient soundtracks to films never to be made; an archive of locked away library music that is dying to be heard.