Wist Rec. 019

offthesky The Soft Parallel 

Sleeve design by Phantom & Son Ltd.
1 x 3″ CDR, 1 x 5″ CDR / Edition of 90
No longer available.
Copies may still available at offthesky.com

Ship date: Sept 28, 1915

The long awaited third analysis of comparative images from offthesky. “The Soft Parallel” examines mountainous views in photo and sketch through pantographic interpretation, all etched by hand. This unique booklet features two discs, each a distorted & rumbling relfection of the other.

Disc A : The Root (3″CDR)
Disc B : the Mirror (5″CDR)

Stamped and printed on corona 250g (100% post consumer waste, de-inked), black embossed canvas 280G

Composed by Jason Corder