Wist Rec. 013

Wist_013_cover_mockupoffthesky & radere
The Season of Lost Buttons

Sleeve design by Phantom & Son Ltd.
4 x 3″ CDR / Edition of 120

No longer available


Returning once again to our series of comparative visual subjects, we examine the line of apsides and eye-line offsets with a unique four disc stereography set. Over 80 minutes of music slash drone.

Disc one : heading for the sea, we left in the morning
Disc two : a creeping slumber
Disc three : dreams of distant fields
Disc four : begin again

Stamped and printed on corona 250g (100% post consumer waste, de-inked), black embossed canvas 280G & Translucent pergamin paper, 170g, biodegradable (Virgin paper but 100% chlorine free).

Composed by Carl Ritger & Jason Corder

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