Wist Ed. 001


Songs for
Marie Bashkirtseff

A biographical zine based on the painter and diarist.
1880’s and 1980’s confessional angst through distortion.

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Edition series. 100 (5″ black surface cdr)
Length. 16.53
Design & Paintings. Manfred Naescher

wist em


The first iteration of Wist Ed. by Fan pays tribute to the largely forgotten painter and diarist (1858-1884), whose ambitious journal contains both a complex teenager’s account of the yet-to-be-defined phase of teenage, as well as a proto-feminist perspective on early adulthood.

Permission for quote kindly given by Fonthill Press

Sleeve stock used:
Glassing 160g: Made from pure cellulose,  pH neutral, chlorine-free, acid-free and anti-static and is free from plasticizers as well. Completely biodegradable.