Wist Rec 008

The Woodlander’s Index EP

Sold out
Artwork by Manfred Naescher
Films by Joshua Rogers
Photography by Pierre-Emmanuel Tendero
3″ CDR & 3″ DVD: 22 minutes

Track Listing:
1. Our Forest Heritage
2. Smudged Cartography
3. Branchels
4. Epiphites (sic)
5. Prokopchuk Lake, SK

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“The Woodlander’s Index EP” is a very special release on Wist Rec with all 100 copies being made of a different species of wood. A year in the making each copy of the Woodlander’s Index contains:

spinesan insomniac fueled, individualized “woods of the world” fact card including the Latin name
a tree film slide (vintage or pin-hole colour)
clattering words from Philip Larkin
– alternate version on DVD with visuals by Joshua Rogers
a free digital download from our first trip into the woods, the Forestry Lessons EP

Should you wish to request a particular type of wood, please let us know during purchase and we will try to accommodate. Species available:

-1African Mahogany, African Paduk, Alaska-cedar, Alder, American beech, American elm, Arizona cypress, Ashe juniper, Austrailian Blackwood,Austrailian Sassafrass, Bald-cypress, Balsam fir, Basswood, Beech, Berlandier ash, Birch, Black cherry, Black cottonwood, Black locust, Black Walnut, Black willow, Blue Spruce, Brazilian Ebony, Brazilian Satinwood, Bubinga, Butternut, California redwood, Camphor-tree,Cedar elm, Cherry, Chinaberry, Chinese elm, Chinese tallowtree, Cocobolo, Common fig, Curly Maple, Cypress, Dawn redwood, Deodar cedar, Douglas-fir, Eastern hemlock, Eastern red cedar, Eastern white pine, Golden rain tree, Gum bumelia, Hard Maple, Hickory, Honduras mahogany, Honey mesquite, Honey-locust, Huisache, Ipe, Iroko, Italian cypress, Jatoba, Live oak, Longleaf pine, Lyptus, Mahogany, Mexican plum, Monkey-pod, Northern red oak, Northern white-cedar, Ohio buckeye, Oregon Myrtle, Osage-orange, Pecan, Podocarpus, Poplar,Port-Oxford-cedar, Quacking aspen, Radiata pine, Red alder, Red Oak, Redbud, Sabicu, Sapele, Sassafras, Silky-oak, Silver maple, Sissoo, Slippery elm, Soft Maple, Southern magnolia, Spanish-cedar, Staghorn sumac, Sugar maple, Sugarberry, Sweetgum, Sycamore, Teak,Texas persimmon, Texas-ebony,Tree-of-heaven, Tropical Walnut, Water-elm, Wenge, Western larch, Western redcedar, White ash, White cypress-pine, White oak, Yellow birch, Yellow-poplar, Zebrawood


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