Wist Rec 011

Waning branches ep cover sepiaPorya Hatami
The Waning Branches EP

Sold Out

Sleeve design by Phantom & Son, Intl.
Photographs by Sala Ebrahimi
Length: 18:46
3″ CDR
Edition of 115



Through the mediums of cartography and sound  we chart the growth and sudden decline of a single Morus tree in Sanandaj, Iran.

The Waning Branches EP contains maps of the local Kurdistanian province, a 3″ CDR and drawings of the mulberry. First copies hand stamped with beet juice ink (grown in the assembler’s garden).

Paper stock used (quantities differ per piece):
Corona 250g: Soft white recycled board. Made from unbleached 100% post consumer waste.
Cyclus 250g: Off-white recycled board. 100% post consumer waste, de-inked.
Context birch 250g: made from 80% post consumer waste and 20% elemental chlorine free virgin fibre.

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