Wist Rec. 016

Wood burning box coverThe Unofficial Countryside
Various Artists

Sold out

7 x 3″ CDR
Edition of 100
Sleeve design by Phantom & Son Ltd.


7-disc release housed in a hand burned, wooden box and features maps of Richard Mabey’s original journeys w/ photographs by
Pierre- Emmanuel Tendero.

a) Ruhe – Heritage
b) Nacht Plank – Unthejiv Forest
c) Sub Loam – …visits the Unofficial Countryside
d) Ian Hawgood – Four Parts One | One Parts Four
e) Sima Kim – Music for Stints
f) Sxa Ormbjüment – Guerin
g) Gentlemen – Rubble & Dust

Length of Each Disc: 20:00

In 1973, writer Richard Mabey published “The Unofficial Countryside”, a journey around the places in which natural life has settled itself within our urban sprawl: along rail lines and canals, near power stations and pylons, in the eaves of abandoned buildings and amongst disused factory “brown sites”. Its unique view on discovering nature has been an influence to generations of readers who have delighted in the wide range of bio-diversity present in the urban fringe.

Wist Rec. is proud to bring you an ambitious project which explores these hidden ecosystems with a 7 Disc boxset from artists who, around the world, have explored their own unofficial countrysides.

To purchase a copy of  Richard Mabey’s book or for more information please visit the good people at Little Toller Books who have included it in their Nature Classics series. Many thanks goes to them for their support of this project.

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