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small coverDepatterning The Huddled Tone Collection

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Sleeve design by Phantom & Son

The Huddled Tone EP: 18 minutes
The Huddled Town EP: 17 minutes
The Elevator at Parkbeg: 23 minutes
Edition of 150

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Researching the loss of rural communities with a reissue of Depatterning’s long out of print “The Huddled Tone Eps”. Includes a soundtrack to Elysia Bourne’s film “The Elevator at Parkbeg”, featuring Andrew Lee (In Media Res) and Ronan McGrath (Sxa Ormbjüment).

As the urban population of the 20th century grew, the need for small town  services declined. Worthless crop prices. Rail line decommissioned. The mine’s closure. Farm consolidation. Land becomes fallow. Town becoming a widow. These recordings trace the remnants of communities that at one time were places of growth and promise.

Each copy of this hand stamped release comes 13 cards with images from abandoned villages, a vintage Saskatchewan postage stamp and a single, out-of-print Canadian penny predating the second Brian Mulroney term. Housed in a recycled kraft box, all paper has been printed on 100% recycled material.




The Elevator at Parkbeg
1. Old Wives in Parkbeg – Gary Mentanko
2. The Dark Crystal – Andrew Lee
3. A Vivid Atom of Life – Ronan McGrath & Gary Mentanko
4. Parkbeg, SK: Wheatlands No. 168 – Andrew Lee & Gary Mentanko

depatterning-ep3-last-test-march-23-2011-e1301826534918The Huddled Tone EP
1. Forget, SK: Techumseh No. 65
2. Esturary, SK: Deer Forks No. 232
3. Old Wives, SK: Hillsborough No. 132

The Huddled Town EP
1. Verwood, SK: Excel No. 71
2. Instow, SK: Bone Creek No. 108
3. Loverna, SK:  Antelope Park No. 322

Field recordings by Katrina Orlowsk
Photographs by Perry Miotto


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