The Book Report Series

The Book Report Ethos.

Like the music industry before it, the publishing sector has just begun its’ struggles towards the digital realm and in this process, slowly stripping the book of its physical form. The words or meaning are not lost in this transition though something important is shed: the value of form and a reader’s connection with it.

The weight of a book on one’s hand.
The tactile feeling of a matte finished or leather cover.
The soft, rough sound of pages rubbing against one another.

The “Book Report Series” was conceived as way of involving the shifting state of literature with a community that would not only help to highlight the significance of a book’s physical form but also allow one to glean new, immediate connections between differing art forms.

Contributors to the “Book Report Series” include Danny Norbury, the Tape Loop Orchestra, Offthesky, Depatterning, Hideki Umezawa, Marihiko Hara, Gareth Davis, the Humble Bee, and Christina Carter.

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The “Book Report Series” may return.